Milkyweb Astronomical Observatory Guide



Name | ZIP | City

Abastuman 0 ge
Allegheny Observatory 15214 Pittsburgh, PA us
Ametlla de Mar 0 uk
Arcturus Observatory 0 Whiting, NJ us
Ashton-Wildwood Observatory 0 Des Moines, IA us
Assonet 0 us
Astronomical Observatory, Campo Catino 0 it
Astrophysical Observatory at the College of Staten 10314 Staten Island, NY us
Ball State University Observatory 0 Muncie, IN us
Behlen Observatory 0 Lincoln, NE us
Big Woodchuck Weekend Solar Observatory 0 Pittsburgh us
Bowman Observatory 0 Greenwich, CT us
Brooks Observatory 0 Toledo, OH us
Buhl Planetarium & Observatory 0 Pittsburgh, PA us
Burlington 0 Burlington, NJ us
Bush Observatory 0 Albany, MO us
Byurakan 0 tr
Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory 0 Byurakan am
Campocatino Astronomical Observatory 0 Frosinone it
Capodimonte Observatory 0 Naples it
Carbuncle Hill Observatory 0 Greene, RI us
Castel Gandolfo 0 it
CCFR 0 Irvington, NY us
Ceccano 0 it
Centro Astronomico de Yebes 0 es
Centro Astronomico de Yebes 0 Yebes es
Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society Observatory 0 Champaign, IL us
Charles S. Morris Observatory 0 North Manchester, IN us
College of the Redwoods Observatory 0 Eureka, CA us
Collegio Romano 0 Roma it
Colleverde di Guidonia 0 it
Community College of Rhode Island Observatory 0 Warwick, RI us
Cosmologically Significant Mass Oscillation Search 0 Batavia, IL us
CT1DMK P3810- Aveiro pt
Custer Institute Observatory 0 Southold, NY us
Deep Space Network (DSS 53) 0 Robledo es
Deep Space Network (DSS 54) 0 Robledo es
Deep Space Network (DSS 63) 0 Robledo es
Deep Space Network (DSS 65) 0 Robledo es
Deep Space Network (DSS 66) 0 Robledo es
Donn Starkey 0 Auburn, IN us
Drake University 50311 Des Moines, IA us
Eastern College Observatory and Planetarium 0 St. Davids, PA us
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Observatory 0 Edinboro, PA us
Edward Naylor Observatory 0 Lewisberry PA us
Elsinore 84065 Riverton, UT us
Emmy Observatory 0 New Paltz, NY us
Etters 0 us
Eyuboglu High School Observatory 0 Istanbul tr
Fabra Observatory 0 Barcelona es
Frosty Drew Observatory 0 Charlestown, RI us
Furnace Brook Observatory 0 Craston, RI us
G. C. Gloriosi Astronomical Observatory 0 Salerno it
George Learn Observatory 0 East Stroudsburg, PA us
Grant O. Gale Observatory 0 Grinnell, IA us
Haskovo Astronomicheska Observatoriya 0 Haskovo bg
Hastings College Observatory 0 Hastings, NE us
Hat Creek Radio Observatory 0 Cassel, CA us
Hyde Memorial Observatory 0 Lincoln, NE us
Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven (IMB), Nucleon Decay 0 Cleveland, Ohio us
Istanbul University Observatory 0 Istambul tr
John H. Witte Observatory 0 West Burlington, IA us
John J. McCarthy Observatory 06776 New Milford, CT us
John W. H. Simpson Observatory 0 Princeton, NJ us
Keystone College Observatory 0 La Plume, PA us
Kurdjali Observatoriya 0 Kurdjali bg
Kutztown University Observatory 0 Kutztown, PA us
LimeCreek 0 us
Madrid 0 es
Maria Mitchell Observatory 2554 Nantucket, MA us
Millard Observatory 0 Omaha, NE us
Monte Autore 0 it
Monte Mario Observatory 0 Rome it
Montjoia 0 es
Moonedge Observatory 0 Northport, NY us
Mount Stony Brook Observatory 0 Stony Brook, NY us
Mountain Skies Observatory 0 Lyman, WY us
Msgr. S. G. Menke Observatory 0 Davenport, IA us
North Scituate 0 us
Northern Illinois Univ. Observatory 0 De Kalb, IL us
NorthMoor Observatory 0 Peoria, IL us
Observatorio de Begues 0 es
Observatorio Del Ebro 43520 Roquetas es
Observatorio Montcabre 0 es
Observatorio Pozuelo 0 es
Observatory in Filyro 546 Thessaloniki gr
Ohio State University Radio Observatory 0 Delaware, OH us
Oil Region Astronomical Observatory 0 Franklin, Pensylv us
Olin Observatory 0 New London, CT us
Osservatorio Astronomico 0 Monte Porzio Catone it
Osservatorio Astronomico di Campo Catino 0 Guarcino it
Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte 0 Napoli it
Osservatorio Astronomico Didattico Comunale 0 Acquaviva it
Osservatorio Astronomico Mira 0 Sava it
Osservatorio Astronomico Neretino Galassia 0 Nard? it
Osservatorio didattico I. Newton 0 Uggiano Montefusco it
Osservatorio Opera S. Antonio 0 Andria it
Palisades-Dows Observatory 0 Swisher, IA us
Paul Robinson Observatory 0 High Bridge, NJ us
Paul Robinson Observatory, NJAA 0 High Bridge, NJ us
Peking Observatory, Shaho Station 0 cn
Peking Observatory, Xinglong Station 0 cn
Penteli Astronomical Station 0 Palea Penteli gr
Perkins Observatory 43015 Delaware, OH us
Physics Department Observatory 0 Salt Lake City, UT us
Piera Observatory 0 Barcelona es
Potenza 0 Potenza it
Princeton University Observatory 8544 Princeton, NJ us
Prof.Manuel de Barros Radio Observatory Vila Nova de Gaia pt
Radio Solar Telescope Network 0 San Vito de Normanni it
Raul Alvarez 0 us
Rifle Camp Park Observatory 0 Paterson, NJ us
Rolnick Observatory 0 Westport, CT us
Roropoulos Arxetypo Observatory 68200 Orestiada gr
Rutherford 0 us
Sabadell 8200 Sabadell es
Sayre Observatory 0 South Bethlehem, PA us
Schoonover Observatory 45801 Lima us
Seagrave Memorial Observatory 0 North Scituate, RI us
Seven Hills Observatory 0 Kearney, NE us
Smolian Astronomicheska Observatoriya 4700 Smolyan bg
Sommers-Bausch Observatory 80309 Boulder, CO us
Specola Vaticana 0 Citt? del Vaticano, Rome va
St. Vincent College Observatory and Planetarium 0 Latrobe, PA us
Stamford Museum Observatory 6903 Stamford, CT us
Stamford Observatory 06905 Stamford, CT us
Starlight Observatory 0 Assonet, MA us
Stockton College Observatory 0 Pomona, NY us
Strickler Planetarium & Observatory 0 Kankakee, IL us
Superfluid Helium Target (HERON) 0 Providence, RI us
Swasey Observatory 0 Granville, OH us
Tashkent 0 Tashkent uz
Taunton 0 us
The Bradstreet Observatory 0 St. Davids, PA us
The Stephens Observatory 0 Hiram, OH us
Toby Point Observatory 0 Narragansett, RI us
Toby Point Observatory 02882 Narragansett, RI us
Toby Point Observatory 02882- Narragansett, RI us
Univ. of Illinois Observatory 0 Urbana, IL us
University Observatory Coimbra pt
University of Rhode Island 0 Quonochontaug, RI us
University of Thessaloniki Observatory 0 Thessaloniki gr
University of Utah Hansen Planetarium 0 Tooele, UT us
Van Allen Observatory 0 Iowa City, IA us
Van Vleck Observatory 6459 Middletown, CT us
Vassar College Observatory 0 Poughkeepsie, NY us
Vatican Observatory Castel Gandolfo va
Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) 0 North Liberty, IA us
Villanova University Observatory 0 Villanova, PA us
Warner and Swasey Nassau Station 0 Chardon, OH us
Warner and Swasey Observatory 44106 Cleveland, OH us
Warren Rupp Observatory 0 Mansfield, OH us
Weitkamp Observatory 0 Westerville, OH us
Western Connecticut State University Observatory 0 Danbury, CT us
William Bucknell University Observatory 0 Lewisburg, PA us
William Miller Sperry Observatory 0 Cranford, NJ us
Wyoming Infrared Observatory 0 Jelm Mountain, WY us
Yale Observatory 0 New Haven us
Yale Observatory 0 Bethany us